What’s Judith Sanders Up To?

I know I’ve promised a sequel to Crescent Veil and believe me, the concepts are there and the prose is in the making.  But, it has slowed down while I finish a new collaborative project related to the human side of men in war.  Why such a diversion?  I can offer a few simple reasons.  First, I think the cost of war in human life still gnaws at me and I feel that not enough has been done to stop this (especially based on campaign promises).  Second, while our family has yet to experience what so many others have in the loss of a child in these wars, with the current economic hardships in the US our family has seen several of its young men “enlist” in the military and those young men are or will soon be in harm’s way.

I can’t tell you the plot right now, but I know you’ll look at war a little differently and maybe want to do something about it yourself when you read it.  I will tell you that my new style (I’m trying first person perspective) has invoked emotional responses in my test readers (family members) that tell me I’m on the right track.  I will end by saying that my other book, Diamond Island (a story of the struggle of a woman to express her talents in a very liberal and broad adult interpretation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), is ready for agents (putting the final touches on the query letter) and I hope to return to LD50 (the Crescent Veil sequel) soon.  Read On.

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