In His Stead

by Judith Sanders

In His Stead Book Reviews

“Sanders rich rendering of Civil War law validated in the 21st century to save Thomas Lane’s son is rare and spellbinding. The humanity linking the pages of In His Stead will pierce you like a sword. The action will leave you burned like cold steel.”

—Retired Judge Advocate General of the U. S. Army Hugh R. Overholt

In His Stead is a strong book, filled with memorable characters and a message of courage and strength. One person can make a difference, and that truth rings loud and clear. You’ll never want this book to end.”

—Don Bruns: ‘Caribbean Mystery Series’ & ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’

About the Book:

“In His Stead” is an inspiring story of a retired Army Ranger, Thomas Lane, who finds himself in a battle with the US Army, it’s legal JAG corps, and a vengeful officer to prevent his last son from serving in Afghanistan by offering to take his son’s place. While at home another conflict ignites with the very son he’s trying to protect and his own wife who has the Solomon-like choice of either sending another son or her husband off to war.

Reader Review:

In the midst of detailed, accurate, and compelling action scenes grounded in solid historical fact and research, I was overcome with emotions ranging from laughter, to joy, to hope, to sadness. On the topic of a father’s love in wartime it seems trite to say your emotions take a roller coaster type ride but that’s how it felt as I was drawn into the characters; seeing what they see, feeling what they feel, hoping what they hope. The premise of the book is unique (a father takes his son’s place in Afghanistan to spare his son the physical and emotional wounds of war), the characters arebelievable & their arcs wonderful. But Sander’s special talent is her ability to incorporate bits of humor and detail in scenes that pierce your heart and soul. And, as she said in an interview for a local newsletter, she felt comfortable as a woman writing about the life and emotions of a man & a soldier because there’s a bit of Thomas Lane (the main character) in all of us.
—Frank J. Malinoski, MD, PhD