Crescent Veil

by Judith Sanders

Crescent Veil Book Reviews

Crescent Veil is easily one of the two best books I’ve read in the past year. It deals with what is a possibly an almost-too-realistic situation ~ the knowledge, and then discovery, of a secret cache of biological weapons hidden in Iraq. Ms. Sanders’ obvious knowledge of the culture of Iraq, biological warfare, ancient history and relationships shines in this debut novel.”

—Cathy Yanda for Reader Views

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The character development was great, and the writing was so well done that I was experiencing all the fears and excitement described for the characters in the book. The ending gave me a few surprises as well. I look forward to the next book by this author!”

—Avid Reader

About the Book:

Former Major General Tariq Saeed hated every moment he was forced to spend in this backward territory. Outwardly, he maintained the façade of an Iraqi loyal to the new order after Operation Iraqi Freedom, but his heart ached for the power he had become accustomed to during Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror.

Reader Review “Best Action Thriller of the Year”:

“Ms. Sanders writes in a compelling style that will pull you into the world of international terrorists and the people who possess the skills and courage to fight them. Ms. Sanders is in the same league as Baldacci, Grisham, and Brown. This is an incredibly entertaining read that will also open your eyes to the most frightening possibilities of biological and chemical warfare. Ms. Sanders and her husband Dr. Malinoski have done a great job researching the possible outcome of biological and chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands.”

—Timothy T. Redden

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