Dec 22 Book Launch Party

Friends and family from the Hillsboro-Antrim NH region joined Judith for a celebration of the launch of her latest novel, THE HUNTSMAN, in December.  Attendees were treated to some awesome […]

What Are the Different Types of Deception Stories?


5.0 out of 5 stars KIRKUS WAS RIGHT: Enthralling and (a bit) unnerving. ‘Truly enjoyed the perspectives of each character clear throughout the book. The ending has me waiting for the […]

What’s Judith Sanders Up To?

I know I’ve promised a sequel to Crescent Veil and believe me, the concepts are there and the prose is in the making.  But, it has slowed down while I […]

What’s Next for Biocriminologist Wayne Swift from Judith Sanders?

I’ve explained the missing WMDs in Iraq… So, what’s next? Ever wonder why no one has claimed responsibilities for the last BW attack on US soil, the anthrax letters? Why […]