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Loon Spray


As you already know I am a fiction writer with a background in nursing. I am a mother (once you have that job you are never retired from it) and grandmother. But did you know I love to garden, go fishing, and do watercolor painting?

On this page from time-to-time I will leave you a note on which of my hobbies I am pursuing and how it is going.

Right now I am back in North Carolina missing the view from my New Hampshire kitchen window that looks out on Franklin Pierce Lake. We have put the boat away for the winter and that means no fishing or kayaking until next summer.

My father loved to fish and he passed on that gene. For me, fishing slows down the planet and puts my life into perspective. You bait the hook and settle back to listen to the earth. Sometimes while I wait for that subtle nip to send a thrill up the line and through the pole to me, I do all the things my busy schedule doesn’t allow. Maybe I say a thank you prayer and take in the pines, mountains, and sunrise. Or maybe I just pray to catch a big one. I breathe deep and write in my head what I will later put on paper. I can do a million things while sitting on the lake bank with a fishing pole in my hand. This past year we had a nesting Loon nearby. Unfortunately the eggs didn’t hatch. The Loon’s call is beautiful. At the end of the day the call of the loons takes me back to a lost time, a lost wilderness. (CLICK HERE TO HEAR THEM)

When I am fishing with my husband it becomes a competition (I usually win), a banana split is the incentive. By the way none of the fish we catch are every marinated, roasted, or dressed-up with lemon wedges.

What follows are a few pics from the lake. You’ll see one of my catches. Enjoy!

Morning Mist on “Fire”