Ripples from In His Stead

Until I received this email, I had no idea how far my words would reach.

Father ImageHere’s what one reader, who has had a son in trouble (fighting his own war against substance abuse), wanted me and you to know:

“When I finished reading In His Stead I knew why I never stop trying to help my son… I laid in bed with tears swelling in my eyes, not because of the struggles of the hero, but because someone out there understands why a loving father will go to such extremes, even when almost everyone else has given up and even severely criticizes him for trying so hard… I have helped my own son even when it nearly killed me to do so… The book showed me that someone else does understand how i feel & what i am going through. There is so much more to the story (than the heroics of Thomas Lane) with the impact being that one person can change the lives of others and even history. I have some relief today that I am not a fool for trying. So thank you from deep inside.”

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